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2019.05.30 Update

The 850th Celebration of Shinran Shōnin’s Birth and the 800th Anniversary of the Establishment of Jōdo Shinshū

The Shinshū Ōtani-ha (Higashi Honganji) will hold the 850th Celebration of the Birth of Shinran Shōnin and the 800th Anniversary of the Establishment of Jōdo Shinshū in 2023. The theme for the commemorative event has been announced.

1. Theme
南無阿弥陀仏 人と生まれたことの意味をたずねていこう
Namu Amida Butsu—To Discover the Meaning of Being Born as Human Beings

2. Our wishes in selecting this theme

I have been given life here and now.
My wish is to live to the fullest of my potential.
Challenges and hardships continue to come my way
But they can never take away the will to live my life.
When I listen that wish “to live” from the depths of my heart,
I awaken to a voice calling from within.
It is the voice calling out to me,
Namu Amida Butsu

When I call out to the Buddha, it is to listen to the Buddha’s calling to me.
While listening to that wish,
I will ask the Buddha to lead me to discover my birth as a human being.

Together with those who lived before us,
With those we live together with now,
And to those who will come in the future,
Let us discover together the meaning of our birth.

A seed sprouts and blossoms into a flower, then withers and dies.
But the seed continues to live to give birth to another flower.

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